Dec 11, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Happy Birthday Baby
Morgan will turn thirteen on December 22. As in normal fashion we celebrate a bit early to avoid the meshing of Christmas and Birthday. Two important Holidays both deserving recognition.  Morgan invited her best friend, Kelby to spend the night. Eric’s daughter, Taylor and little brother, Clayton were visiting from Abilene so they were part of the celebration as well. The kids played Wii, told ghost stories and went to the Mall for a brief time. They decided to leave shortly after we arrived due to mass crowding from Christmas mania. Much to my dislike they also had a cupcake war and a water fight. It was equally funny as it was messy. The adults survived and the kids had fun.  Morgan got her birthday wish…make-up. My daughter has expense taste….Sephora only please! So Sephora it is.  She was ecstatic. Now all we have to do is survive the other Holiday, Christmas before we glide into a brand new year!